NEW! Foundations in Spanish

So much is happening at S&K Publishers

You can see above the new design of the newsletter. Foundations has now become an online publication. It features the same classic design, but is so much more accessible. Please check out the new features.

Couples coaching is now available too.

The Beirnes have received training in the Gottman method of relationship education and are providing support and techniques for couples that are experiencing relationship  difficulties.

Try the quiz at facingahead.com

Facing Ahead is a quiz that enables anyone to assess their relationship strengths and challenges. Each person responds to statements in 13 different categories. When both partners have taken the quiz, the app will compare their responses. It provides a great start for the "what's next?" conversation that is sometimes difficult to initiate.


And FACET is still available for engaged couples who want to know if they are going into marriage with the same expectations and goals.