What we do

S&K Publishers has been in business for 26 years. We began our career by publishing a newsletter for newly married couples called Foundations. It was our belief that many people did not understand the demands of marriage until after they were already  married for six months or so. They were immersed in the romance of the engagement, and then the plans for the wedding, and the reality of living out their marriage didn’t hit for a while. So we published articles on getting along with in-laws, tips for resolving conflicts, some principles for combining households (including stepkids, where that applied), and other aspects of married life.

Guess what? We are still publishing that newsletter today! We keep up with the current research on  all the topics we write about so that we know we’re sharing the “best practices” that will help these couples have happy, healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.

Along the way, we also decided to create a tool for couples who are engaged, to help them address the areas that will allow explore what they know about each other. It’s called FACET (facetsite.com), an acronym that stands for Foundations Applied Conversation and Education Tool. We wanted those who were already familiar with Foundations to see the relationship between the two. Couples respond to 174 statements on FACET, and then their responses are compared. They then have a conversation about where they differ, a very important step for couples looking to move beyond their single life to a share a common future.

Since July 2018, a new relationship app called Facing Ahead is available! It’s a quiz to help figure out what a couple needs to talk about if they want to see their relationship go forward. It’s available at facingahead.com