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About Foundations Newsletter

Our goal is to offer resources for couples starting on the journey of married life. No matter how old you are or what your previous experience is, if you are beginning a marriage you have some unique challenges and opportunities ahead of you.Foundations is an online newsletter!!

Foundations is now an online publication

Being online creates wonderful new possibilities. The newsletter will be in full color for the first time. Links will make it possible for readers to immediately access more information on a topic or a resource that interests them. They will be able to share it with a friend by forwarding their email!

Who is Foundations for?

We used to say that the newsletter was for newly married couples, because we felt that the newly married had special, unique issues. Newly married couples have a lifetime of experiences to meld together into one unit. How will you manage your finances? How will you relate to one another's families? What is your attitude toward the spiritual side of life? How do you like to spend your spare time? It taught skills that enabled a couple to learn healthy ways to handle whatever challenges they were presented with.

Foundations newsletter took each of these issues and many others and discussed them in the context of this stage of relationship.

But then it became clear that all married couples profited from the newsletter. We figured this out because they told us! Just because you are down the road a bit doesn't mean that a refresher can't help you out.

When a couple is expecting a baby, researchers have found that they are not interested in learning parenting skills. It's only once the baby is born and they are holding it in their arms that they realize that they need help knowing how to care for their child.

Similarly, couples getting married often feel that their love is enough to enable them to over come all obstacles. But as the marriage progresses, sometimes things come up that create ripples in the fabric of their love. Foundations aims to be the guide that presents some options of reacting to each other, and of handling the normal stresses of married life.

If you want to subscribe to Foundations, it's $10.00 a year. You can send an email to

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