A bit about us

We are Steve and Kathy Beirne, longtime marriage educators and pre-marriage mentors. 

We have taught classes in relationship skills and have learned to hone skills in our own relationship over the years. As parents of seven children, we know the ways life can wear you down and make keeping each other first difficult. Also as parents of a big family, we were not able to use money to create space for us to have alone time. No expensive vacations, few fancy dinners out, just learning to enjoy each other in the moment. We have used this experience and the myriad things we've learned along the  way to help other couples see the value and the joy in working on their relationships.

Kathy has a master’s degree in Child and Family Development. Her master's thesis was on the presence of stepfamilies in literature, and how the treatment of stepfamilies has changed over the years.  Steve has a master’s degree in education, and has worked in family life offices in Maine and Missouri, taught high school students in New York City and coordinated church education programs in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

We believe that being in a happy, healthy relationship helps us be happy, healthy people, and we love to think that our work helps others to have the same experience.

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