Ordering materials

To order a subscription to Foundations Newsletter:
Send a check and the name and address of the newsletter recipient to:
S&K Publishers
PO Box 1632
Portland, ME 04104-1632

Foundations subscriptions are $10.00 for one year (six issues which come every other month), $18.00 for two years, and $25.00 for three years.

To order FACET materials, you can also send a check to the above address.Once we have your payment and the address you would like the material shipped to, we will put the material in the mail.
FACET statement booklets and answer booklets are $3.50 each. Using FACET requires that each person have an answer booklet. If they do it at the same time they will each need a statement booklet, but they can do it one at a time and then only need one statement booklet. Processing the assessment costs $8.00. For $20.00, you can get one statement and two answers booklets, the processing and the shipping of the material to you.

Questions? Send us a message on the “contact us” page! We would love to hear from you.